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  Customers in this group are mostly chefs or restaurant owners who are
professionals in the catering business so they are very careful in
choosing the quality rice for their hotels or restaurants.

From rice field to production process

Panomrung chooses only high quality raw materials from
trusty rice growing sources to be processed with the
high-standard production facilities. Every process is verified by the strict and hi-tech quality control systems to ensure that products from our factory have consistent quality.

From dining table back to production process

Panomrung cares about customers' businesses and their
customers. We provide quick response service to respond
to any issues as well as customer satisfaction guarantee.
If they are not satisfied with our products, we will replace
new products without any condition.We continuously
improve our services and welcome every suggestion
from our customers and consumers.

From rice field to production process

Panomrung pays attention to our product quality even after the products have been delivered out of the factory. We not only ensure accurate order processing and on-time delivery service, but also advise customers about health-safe storage and help manage customerís stockaccording to FIFO (First-in, First-out) method.

From store to your kitchen

Panomrung provides customers the exact rice-per-water ratio and rice-cooking method. They can just use one rice-per-water ratio for all year round. We also offers Panomrung standard rice-cooker*, which can enhance the quality of steamed rice, cooked at their kitchens to be consistent every time.

*The offer to use Panomrung rice-cooker is to be considered case by case.

  From kitchen to dining table

Panomrung has continuously improved its quality of products and services. We always measure our
product and service quality by conducting questionnaire survey to measure consumer's satisfaction
and report the result every month to periodically improve and adjust our rice-cooking method to
always suit consumer's preferred taste.


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