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  will be the number one most trusted international rice brand among rice importers, and international wholesalers around the world.

  Qing Ling Zhi is our exporting brand that perfectly represents our
core values. Its great quality is consistent, despite the frequent
fluctuation of the market price.
Qing Ling Zhi is always 100% premium grade Thai Jasmine rice that is never mixed with the low quality rice. Until today, Qing Ling Zhi has always been trusted by wholesale and retail customers around the world.The followings are the success stories in many countries
Besides our flagship, Qing Ling Zhi, we also have a well-rounded experience in exporting rice to importers around the world. Currently, our customers include not only wholesales who have their own wholesale brands, but also retailers/ supermarkets who wish to build their house brands. We also provide great packaging design services.
Our service includes producing and packing in customers' packages and brands. We also provide great package design services upon customers’ requests.
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