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  "In terms of customer service, Chaitip Co., Ltd. conducted market research to find out and respond to the real customers' needs. Our products and services are customized to meet each group of customers' needs and requirements e.g. hotels, restaurants, etc. We are not merely a rice vendor, but we also provide after sale services, which is the key part of catering business. Our job does not end at delivery; we assist our customers in inventory management, sanitation of warehouse, rice quality verification before and after cook, rice cooking recommendation, etc. Our customers can rest assured that our rice served on the dining table must be of the best quality."

"In addition, we regularly visit our customers in order to collect customers' feedbacks and recommendations for further improvement of product and service quality.

Therefore, we are confident that we always provide excellent service because we care and truly understand our customers."
  Thitapa Sae-ngow, 11 April 2005
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